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2014 local election results

The results are in for the local contests, but the Senate race is (mostly) too close call.

Day #092: Felon voting rights

Are felons citizens?

Day #087: Suspend bus fares on Election Day

Boosting voter turnout by reasonably lowering the costs of voting is a worthwhile pursuit.

Day #086: Same-day ID stations on Election Day

Why can’t increasing voter participation be a bipartisan issue?

Teaching kids about voting

A little something to help your kids understand what this whole “Election Day” thing is about.

Virginia voters can now register online

Virginia becomes one of 21 states that’s passed online voter registration laws.

Recount affirms Baliles’s 1st District win, but Tyler may file contest to City Council

On November 6th, Jon Baliles earned a razor-thin win in the 1st District City Council race against incumbent Bruce Tyler. But even after last night’s recount affirming the victory, Tyler may still contest the results.

Election 2012: Despite difficulties, student voters abroad cast ballots

U.S. voters overseas and their potential impact on the election is seldom discussed.

UPDATE: Mekong voted best ‘beer bar’ in US

Mekong takes first place in the “Great America Beer Bar” contest.

Local officials celebrate RVA being named ‘Best Town Ever’

Local officials gathered to discuss and celebrate the city being named the country’s best river town by Outside Magazine.