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Martin Agency lays off 38

From the RTD we learn that the Slip is loosing some workers. Thirty-five folks are now ex-employees of the Martin Agency. Gotta love being a victim of “internal realignment”. The Shockoe Slip ad firm said 38 people were let go “due to…

Virginia unemployment rate falls to 5.5%, lowest in over 3 years

Today it was announced that Virginia’s unemployment rate has declined for the fourth straight month. In March, it fell to 5.5%, the lowest the rate has been in over three years. The state currently has the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast, and third lowest unemployment rate east of the Mississippi River. Here’s a statement […]

Virginia named top state in which to make a living in 2012

A financial organization has named Virginia the top state for people to make a living. Based on factors such as average income, cost of living, and unemployment, the report argues that the Commonwealth is the best state for employees.

Virginia’s unemployment rate drops

Virginia’s Employment Commission today released figures regarding the Commonwealth’s unemployment outlook in January. Virginia’s unemployment rate took a drop and remains below national rates.