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Seven things to do in Manchester according to

Which spots would/do you take a guest to in Manchester?

Celebrate the coming of Triumph to Scoot Richmond

Best use of a Triumph motorcycle ever involves Steve McQueen.

New rules for mopeds

Moped operators in Virginia would have to wear helmets and eye protection, carry a government-issued photo ID, and title, register and put a license plate on their scooters under a bill waiting to be signed into law by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Moped and scooter thefts up nearly 150% this year

Police and property owners are grappling with a significant uptick in vehicle thefts around the city: mopeds and scooters are being snatched-up at a discerning rate. What are police and others doing to curb the thefts, and what can owners do to help their cause?