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Science Pub RVA comes to Scott’s Addition this Wednesday

So two scientists walk into a bar…

Science Pub RVA to sip a bit of wine and discuss Cheese Mites and Acrobatic Flies: Early Popular Science Films

The Cheese Mites and Acrobatic Flies will be on the screen not in your cheese or wine I promise.

Take a look at what makes us human over drinks at the Camel

This won’t be the usual drunken conversation on this topic you’re likely to hear on a barstool but instead their will be science and rational commentary.

Science Pub RVA heads west tonight for discussion on wildlife and cocktail science

The fun kicks off at 6:30 PM at The Tin Pan near Regency Square Mall.

Science Pub RVA gets brainy on the Northside

Talk with Mark Reimers, PhD about exactly what is going on in that noggin of yours.

Science Pub RVA serving up drinks and science at taZa

Big Bang and Brews.

Science Pub RVA: Where learning and drinking come together

Step into The Camel the first Tuesday of every month and you just might learn something.