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Richmond Mural Project is back starting next week

Art is coming to a wall near you more than likely.

NBC12 report cites complaints about ‘pornographic’ and ‘demonic’ Carytown mural

An overreaction by a local news station meant to stir the pot or a legitimate concern?

More walls to go under the brush with the Richmond Mural Project.

Art Whino returns to Richmond, VA for the Fourth installment of the Richmond Mural Project. With over 60 murals since the inception of the project, Art Whino will return bringing another 10 muralists for another round of murals.

500 Bricks on Fire mural graphic

500 Bricks on Fire

Stop by ND&P on Saturday, May 30, from 2-6 PM to celebrate a new mural project.

2014 RVA Mural Project begins

Here’s where the next set of murals will go up over the next two weeks.

Taboo needs help to bring a mural Southside

The store needs $2,000 to put a mural on Midlothian Turnpike.