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Knit bomb on Manchester Bridge

Art in the most unusual of spots is always welcome.

Notorius M.E.G. is back to spread knitted love across Richmond

RVA Love Week 2016 No. 2 [Love Bomb No. 55]

Love Bomb near the station

Getting dressed up for the coming cyclists.

Love Bomb near City Stadium

Knitorious M.E.G. strikes again.

Northside gets a Love Bomb

Love Bomb No. 48 at Westbrook Avenue.

Colorado Avenue gets a love bomb

Love Bomb No. 46.

Love bomb on Roseneath Road in Scott’s Addition

The Knitorious M.E.G. is at it again, this time dropping a love bomb on Scott’s Addition.

Love Bomb on Sheppard Street in Carytown

The third in a series of yarn bombs around town to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Shockoe Bottom receives some Knit Love

Brightens up a dreary spot in the Bottom.

Love Bomb No. 35

Shockoe Edition