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Friends of Hollywood Cemetery Picnic

It truly is one of the most beautiful spots in Richmond.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Cemetery, Early Fall

Everyone’s favorite enormous dead people park. Wait, that sounds a lot less beautiful than it is.

Hollywood Cemetery hires marketing firm

It’s the only way I’ll make it in Hollywood.

Can I be buried in Hollywood Cemetery?

Think it would be cool to be buried in the 166-year-old cemetery? You still can.

Civil War: The dead from Gettysburg return home

150 years ago in Gettysburg, thousands of Confederate soldiers were buried in shallow, unmarked graves. 140 years ago, the process of returning some of those soldiers to Hollywood Cemetery began.

Memorial Day guide

There’s always lots to do in Richmond, but this weekend gives you the special chance to take part in Memorial Day celebrations all over the city. There’s a little something for everyone, so don’t miss out of these exciting events!