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Handmade Holiday: The Daily Scrub’s Rachel Chieppa on scents, colors, and crafting cleanliness

You can get yourself clean with boring soap, but the experience would be a lot less awesome. We talked to this wildly creative soapmaker and are now considering career changes.

Handmade Holiday Clara Cline of Wild Wander illustrates Virginia’s curiosities

Our latest Handmade Holiday features Virginia-inspired prints (and printed material) and the artist who makes them.

Handmade Holiday: Ignatius Hats would love to make your head look snazzy

Local hat-making duo covers the heads of many a character in nationally-renowned movies and shows, but they’ll cover your humble noggin, too.

Handmade Holiday: Molly Virginia Made’s handmade leather accessories

The first in a series of featured artisans who are doing wonderful things right here in Richmond—things that should make it on your holiday wishlist, probably.