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Marijuana extracts OK’d for epilepsy treatment

Two types of medical marijuana extracts would be legal to possess and recommend for epilepsy treatment in Virginia under legislation passed by the state Senate on Wednesday and sent to the governor for his signature.

Ethics reform is key issue for 2015 assembly

With McDonnell heading to prison for corruption and McAuliffe calling for a cap on gifts to politicians, ethics reform is high on the agenda for the Virginia General Assembly’s 2015 session.

General Assembly 2015 is here!

Do you feel it? Our state lawmakers have crept in under the cover of night (or day, I don’t know when they arrived). And they’re ready to get to work!

General Assembly building new offices

The asbestos-laden, mold-infested, leaky office building of the Virginia General Assembly will be replaced by a new building set to open for the 2020 session.

Del. Jennifer McClellan releases General Assembly update

McClellan outlines the issues and bills currently under consideration in the House of Delegates.

Women still underrepresented in Virginia politics

Today the number of female members of the Virginia House of Delegates stands at 19, the highest it’s ever been. That’s 19 out of 100 House members–a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female.

Panel rejects consecutive terms for governor

A House subcommittee has rejected the Senate’s proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Virginia governors to serve two consecutive terms starting in 2017.

New law lets motorcyclists ride side by side

Motorcyclists are eager to legally burn rubber side by side now that Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed legislation permitting them to ride two abreast in a single driving lane in Virginia.

UPDATE: Senate approves state budget

For the third time, the Virginia Senate has refused to compromise on a new state budget, preventing the General Assembly from approving a spending plan for the next two years. The House voted 77-19 on Tuesday in favor of an amended budget bill, HB 1301. But Senate Democrats rejected the measure because it lacks funding for the second phase of the Dulles Rail extension to Loudoun County.

“This road brought to you by…”: Virginia considering selling rights for street names

Virginia lawmakers are considering selling the rights to street names in the hopes of increasing revenue. Virginia’s Department of Transportation, amid budget cuts, might soon be looking to companies and corporations to pay for their namesake on public streets. Could Starbucks Lane, McDonald’s Boulevard, or Toyota Avenue be in the state’s future?