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Check the Rhyme: Culture Wars vs. Style Wars

I hope that you have noticed but just in case you haven’t, RVA is currently being transformed into a hub for art and creative culture. The G40 Art Summit, Art 180’s What Do you Stand For display, and later this month the RVA Street Art Festival, are all a part of what I’m calling RVA’s Style Wars Summer.

5 Things

Spring! SPRING! There is so much spring right now that I don’t know how we stand it. This weekend there are plenty of chances to go outside and spring it up all over town. Smell the tulips, eat the funnel cake, and watch your winter blues melt away. It’s April, y’all!

G40 Summit brings artists, murals, and “lowbrow” art to Richmond

You might have noticed several really big murals going up on the sides of buildings around town. They are the beginning components of this year’s G40 Summit. Artists, workshops, and music will be in town to celebrate the “Art of the Mural.”

PHOTOS: Murals of the G40 Summit

The annual G40 Summit is now underway throughout the city. Celebrating the “Art of the Mural,” here’s a collection of murals both finished and in progress that you’ll see around town.