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Droning on: Aircraft fly high despite concerns

The sky’s the limit for the drone industry, but it’s a mixed bag of upsides and concerns.

McDonnell amends moratorium on drones

Gov. Bob McDonnell on Monday proposed amending legislation to put a moratorium on the use of drone technology in Virginia until 2015. McDonnell’s suggested amendments to House Bill 2012 and Senate Bill 1331 would allow for drone research at college and universities and would let law enforcement officials use drones for certain tasks, such as search and rescue.

House subcommittee kills bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation

After passing the Senate last month, a bill that would protect state employees from discrimination against their sexual orientation failed yesterday to reach the House floor.

Legislators cut controversial food sales provision from bar bill

Concerns of restaurant owners are now allayed as a new bill meant to punish false reports to the ABC Board has had a controversial provision removed that would have penalized businesses with a poor food/alcohol sales ratio.

Virginia’s first openly gay judge confirmed by General Assembly

After not receiving enough votes for a judicial appointment last year, the House of Delegates today elected Tracy Thorne-Begland to a full six-year term.

EpiPen law may save kids with deadly allergies

To save children from potentially fatal reactions to food allergies, Virginia last week adopted a law requiring schools to carry epinephrine auto-injectors, such as EpiPens.

New bills undercut reproductive rights, says Virginia Democrats

Democratic leaders and women’s right advocates sounded the alarm Thursday about three bills they said would limit a woman’s reproductive freedom in Virginia. These bills have sparked debate, not only within the Commonwealth, but also nationwide