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Women still underrepresented in Virginia politics

Today the number of female members of the Virginia House of Delegates stands at 19, the highest it’s ever been. That’s 19 out of 100 House members–a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female.

Tracy Thorne-Begland denied judicial appointment because of gay activism

After a discussion that lasted well into the early Tuesday morning hours, the House of Delegates rejected the nomination of Tracy Thorne-Begland as a judge in the General District Court. Thorne-Begland would be the first openly gay judge to serve in Virginia. The current Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney needed a majority of the 100-member House. […]

New bills undercut reproductive rights, says Virginia Democrats

Democratic leaders and women’s right advocates sounded the alarm Thursday about three bills they said would limit a woman’s reproductive freedom in Virginia. These bills have sparked debate, not only within the Commonwealth, but also nationwide

Virginia Senate vote to repeal handgun purchase limit

Virginians soon may be able to purchase more handguns than they can carry, all in one buy–for the first time in almost two decades.

Bills would repeal HPV vaccine requirement

In 2007, the General Assembly passed a law requiring girls to be vaccinated against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus before entering the sixth grade. Now, two bills before the General Assembly would repeal that requirement.