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Photos: RVANews 2012 beer dinner

Did you miss the 2012 beer dinner? Well you missed a heck of a menu paired with some killer beers. Here’s a bunch of pictures from the night if you want to relive (albeit in a less delicious way).

Buddy’s gets to stay, Louisiana Flair throws a reunion party, and Nate’s tacos head to Carytown

The food gods have been super busy this week. First, we broke the news about Nate’s tacos making a return, then we found out about that public outcry kept Buddy’s in the Fan, and now we hear that Pasture is open for lunch. Here’s all this week’s food news that’s fit to eat.

5 Things

Nate will be slinging tacos again? Wikipedia was down for 24 hours? AUGHH!!! This week has had too much throttle and deceleration for the nervous system to properly handle. Take a moment to catch your breath…OK good. Now, onto the weekend! As always, we have the weekend sustenance that is 5 Things