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Soon you might be able to enjoy a beer with your Starbuck’s latte

I’ll take a venti, decaf, soy latte, with an extra shot, with whipped cream, and a carmel drizzle but not too hot and a PBR on the rocks.

McAuliffe signs executive order: ABC officers must be less terrifying

ABC officers must now conform to higher standards, thanks to McAuliffe’s new executive order. This follows the violent arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson last week and the ridiculous arrest of Elizabeth Daly in 2013 (the “sparkling water incident”).

Wonderland no longer able to serve booze

Not much detail at this point we’ll let you know once the issue is resolved.

Food News: Fire, Flour, and Fork; beer, biscuits, and booze; and a veteran restaurant critic unmasked

This week: Two donut shops, a Fan restaurant, and a brewery forge westward; a biscuit bakery opens in Northside; and a local cafe eyes VCU for their fifth location. Plus, the RTD’s veteran restaurant critic is finally revealed after a decade long career of reviewing restaurants and dodging cameras.

Barrel Thief adds al fresco

– Barrel Thief adding outdoor seating – “Wish us luck on our ABC patio approval!”

Behind ABC’s food-to-alcohol ratio

The ratio has come a long way since it debuted in 1968.

Virginia restaurants can now advertise happy hours

For nearly 30 years, restaurants could only advertise happy hours within their premises. That changes today.

Have a Nice Day Cafe considering closing after latest ABC ruling

Earlier this month the ABC board rejected the appeal of Have a Nice Day Cafe’s mixed drink license suspension, now they’re debating on whether to close up shop.

ABC imposed stricter rules on Broad Appétit

72 hours before Broad Appétit began, organizers of the event were told by ABC that they had to cordon off the sidewalks.

Plans for indoor food cart tabled

The man who wanted to create RVA’s first indoor food cart has hit unexpected delays and has subsequently sidelined plans.