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Non-drinking games for St. Patrick’s Day

Things to do for those who don’t drink. And we know you’re out there, hiding in your houses on this, the day of all drinks.

Run for the hills or in my case slowly amble up the hills, online registration closes tonight

Registration is now open for the the Forest Hill 5K.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations starts today at O’Toole’s with an Irish Wake

So it begins.

What to do for St. Paddy’s Day, based on which Irish band you like most

It’s a science, and Stephanie Ganz is our totally-not-mad scientist.

The sobering, sad story of the Irish in Richmond

Not to bum you out or anything, but Grant Martin’s piece from last year about the fate of the Irish in Richmond was enthralling. Refresh your memory for St. Patrick’s Day.

5 Things: Biking, crafting, learning, eating, and honoring St. Patrick

Drink large amounts of alcohol this weekend! Or fill your head with culture and knowledge! Or do both!

The secrets of Irish baking with Niall Duffy

Spoiler alert: The secret is butter. And being Niall Duffy.

March Festivals: Africa, India, France, and, believe it or not, Ireland

So many cultural events! Surrounding so many Irish things! Followed by so little time!