Archives: It’s not the heat

It’s not the heat: Day’s end

Richmond is lovely most times of the day, but she sure wears springtime evenings well. Our theme this time around was “Day’s end,” and our contributing photographers captured it so well. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do.

It’s not the heat: New

Well, you guys sure like flowers, dontcha? Makes sense as our theme this time around was “New” and Richmond’s got all kinds of Springtime newness going on. Take a look. We hope you enjoy it.

It’s not the heat: Two

Welcome to the latest installment of It’s not the heat. Our theme this time around was “Two” and, folks, it turned out just great.

It’s not the heat: Snow!

Ok, so we lied. Last month we said January’s theme was going to be “Round.” And then a couple weeks ago we said that we were extending the submission deadline because of SNOMG2 and SNOMG3. Then last week we said, “Ya know what? Eff it, we’re showing pictures of snow. Because we can.”

It’s not the heat: Lights

WARNING: These pictures will make you long for the holidays, for that recently-passed time when children smile a little more, we all laugh a little longer, and this soul-crushing cold seems “festive.”

It’s not the heat: Stuffed

Appropriately so, November’s theme for It’s not the heat was “Stuffed.” Take a look at what our users sent in.

It’s not the heat: Orange

Once again, you crazy Richmond photogs hooked us up. For the second installment of our monthly photo feature “It’s not the heat” we asked you to provide us shots going along with the theme “Orange,” and we think they turned out just great. Take a look-see.

It’s not the heat: Last days of summer

Great job, Richmonders. We asked, and you delivered. Come take a look at the first installment in our monthly, user-generated photo series “It’s not the heat,” named for one of the most notorious (and beloved) phrases used in this town. We hope you enjoy it…