TIP! Recycling Perks are a real thing

You can get free stuff from all over town just by making the ultimate sacrifice and putting some trash in cans and other trash in other cans.

For some reason, I remained skeptical after I heard about Recycling Perks and how they are a thing that should make us break out into “Hallelujahs!” I didn’t entirely believe it was real. But oh, they are real, and they are now available to us with our new carts.

It’s kinda like how I’m not supposed to use dessert to bribe my son to eat his dinner because “not being hungry” is reward enough. But, dude, when I mention that I made chocolate ice cream, it sure gets that fork to his mouth faster.

Just like toddlers, we Earthlings have to be bribed to turn our trash into more stuff for us to trash. It just takes EFFORT, you know? Putting a thing into a thing instead of this other thing…zzzzzzzz I fell asleep from exhaustion just thinking about it.

Anyway, you add your address and the serial number of your recycling cart, and you’ll start collecting points. Redeem those points for things from local vendors, like free tickets to the Valentine, a duo of free Shockoe CrossFit classes, and a coupon to Mexico.

You can also refer other people and get points that way. Here is my link which may or may not give you more points for signing up? I can’t really tell.


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  1. Scott Burger on said:

    I have gone online and tried to register with the can serial number, but for some reason it has not taken it yet. I just got the recycling cart on August 10, so i am going to give it at least one more try before complaining.

  2. Amanda on said:

    Gotta love a free donut from Dixie!

  3. James on said:

    It won’t let me register my can either. Customer Support has not responded after two weeks.

  4. David on said:

    I just printed a coupon for a free Dixie Donut too!

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