RichmondOutside helps you to know your snakes

Learn the difference between the water snake and the cottonmouth.

Like most average citizens I have an aversion to snakes. I see one, I avoid it. I don’t check to see what type of snake it is I just assume it’s a deadly cobra or something of that sort and I move along. That being said I also don’t run to the shed and come back armed with a flamer thrower and eight foot sword ready to go to war. Live and let live way over there is my motto when it comes to snakes. take a much more rational approach and are attempting to help the ignorant like me in identifying snakes so we can all be better informed and get along nicely. Check it out and get to know our legless neighbors.

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Richard Hayes

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  1. Stuffa on said:

    The Virginia Herpetological Society has been providing excellent information on the same subject: their website includes side-by-side comparison photos of the venomous snakes and the “look-alike” snakes, detailed illustrations of the physical differences, range maps (the northernmost range of the Cottonmouth is southern Chesterfield County, for example), venom yield, as well as descriptions and video of defensive posture and behavior of Copperheads, which are typically non-aggressive snakes. Take a few minutes to recognize the markings and characteristics of Copperheads, so that when you see a snake locally, you can avoid panicking and react more appropriately.
    Over here in our Woodland Heights yard we have several different species of snakes in residence: they do an excellent job of controlling garden pest populations. We too have a live-and-let-live policy toward them as we consider them to be beneficial.

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