Previewing Virginia’s 2013 gubernatorial election

After last night’s Democratic primary we now know who will represent the two major parties in this November’s election.

After last night’s Democratic primary and the May 18th Republican convention, we now know who will represent the two parties in this November’s election. Below is their official information which should help you on your way to becoming an informed voter!

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Terry McAuliffe (D) Ken Cuccinelli (R)

Lieutenant Governor

Ralph Northam (D) E.W. Jackson (R)

Attorney General

Mark Herring (D) Mark Obenshain (R)
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  1. Third Party? on said:

    There’s more than two parties! The Libertarian Party named Robert Sarvis their gubernatorial candidate. Just sayin’

  2. Scott Burger on said:

    Thanks Third Party, I agree. I could not attend the Sarvis event Tuesday, but I would have loved to have seen some local media coverage. C’mon RVANews, WRIR, I can go to any regular corporate news source for info about the duopoly’s latest stooges.

  3. FANrocker on said:

    Hey Scott and Third Party- If you care so much about whatever third-eye wacko running this year, why don’t you post their website, twitter handle, how much money they’ve raised.

    Oh wait, that’s right: They don’t have a website, a twitter handle, or any money.

    Running your mouths complaining about the non-existant third party is good for the cocktail circuit (or whereever else people like to pretend to sound intelligent) but when the election comes its going to be the Donkey or the Elephant.

    If you care so much about the third party, why don’t you give them some money? Or better yet, run yourself?

  4. Brad on said:

    Actually for Robert Sarvis, here is the website and twitter handle and facebook page and he has raised $36,237

    There is a fourth candidate as well Tareq D Salahi who has raised $108,281. He is famous for crashing parties, so here is his website The candidacy seems to be a bit of a joke, but he is officially a candidate. Here is his facebook page and twitter page

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