SUV demolishes a building at Marshall & Adams

John Murden, of Church Hill People’s News is reporting a minivan has crashed into a building at the intersection of Marshall and Adams. The entire front of the building has collapsed on top of the vehicle. No word on whether the driver escaped safely.

An out-of-state licensed minivan has crashed into the Marshall Street Cafe at the intersection of Marshall and Adams, causing the entire front of the building to collapse. No word on whether the driver escaped safely, though witnesses report four people being carried away on stretchers.

Building collapse at Adams and Broad Street

Building collapse at Adams and Broad Street

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  1. Jeb on said:

    Sure doesn’t look like a minivan to me. Looks like a Ford Expedition, which is a lot heavier.

  2. john m on said:

    Yep, you right.

    They’re working to fence off the corner and put together a stabilization plan. The SUV will be staying put for a little while.

  3. The RTD says that six people (2 of’em VCU police) were injured and taken to the hospital.

  4. Erik on said:

    No one, miraculously was hurt.

  5. Chris on said:

    I briefly spoke with the people who lived in the apartment above the cafe, and apparently this accident was caused by the power outage that happened for around 30 min. in the area. A VCU police car as well as the minivan (it indeed was a minivan) were speeding towards the inactive light which resulted in the crash. Fortunately, the restaurant was closed at the time, and no one was in the apartment except for the tenant’s dog, who made it out safe.

  6. Typical braindead SUV owner/driver. I’m sure she was on her cell phone at the time too.

  7. Melissa on said:

    I’d say the accident was caused by people not knowing that a stoplight with no power should be treated as a four-way stop. Even if you don’t know that, wouldn’t the dark signal cause you to look before speeding through?

    I don’t see how the cops have any excuse. Even if they had their emergency lights on, aren’t they supposed to slow down at any intersection where they don’t have a green light, like ambulances do?

    I check for speeding cars running red lights at every intersection I go through. Having the right of way doesn’t bring people back from the dead. I hope both these drivers get reckless driving tickets.

  8. Jeb on said:

    I wonder if the direction that they were going was one where there wasn’t an overhead light. The changing locations of the traffic signals through there is bad enough; factor a power outage into it and I can see an unfamiliar driver making that mistake.

    The cops, however, should know better.

  9. According to the RTD, the cop stopped at the light and the SUV sped through and hit him. That makes a lot more sense.

    While a person driving down Broad Street without four-way stopping at streets like Lombardy could argue (without legal merit) that they were on the bigger street and the cars traveling on the smaller street are just screwed, I don’t think you can make that argument for Adams over Marshall here. Guess she just wasn’t paying attention? To the blank stoplight or to the cop car in the intersection?

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