Good Morning, RVA: Wednesday!

How is it Wednesday already? Why do we even spell Wednesday like that?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 55 °F. Today’s forecast is sunny and wonderful–just like the many days before it and like the days that will surely come. Temperatures may start dropping a bit as we head into the weekend, but not enough to cramp your style or ruin your plans. Richmond in the fall, y’all!

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Quick correction to yesterday’s bit about how I thought the joint City Council and School Board meeting went pretty OK. Via Mark Robinson at Richmond Magazine, here’s the full list of those who just decided not to show up: “Only three representatives – Baliles, Glen Sturtevant and Donald Coleman – out of 18 arrived on time. The meeting started 20 minutes late with only 10 members present. No more than 12 representatives were present at any point during the three-hour meeting. From council, Chris Hilbert and Reva Trammell, the Southside representative, did not show up. From school board, Shonda Harris-Muhammed, Tichi Pinkney Eppes, Mamie Taylor and Derik Jones did not show, either.” You guys. Come on.

Yesterday Mayor Jones announced that a new Maggie Walker monument is headed to Broad Street, which is not Monument Avenue. This particular monument has been in the works for quite awhile, and I wonder if, at the time, putting Ms. Walker on Monument Avenue just seemed completely unfathomable.

I liked this piece in Style Weekly about Mayor Jones and Thad Williamson’s struggle against poverty in the city of Richmond–especially the bits about transit. Transportation to and from jobs remains one of the major problem that we’re still working on. BRT is a piece of this puzzle. Bike infrastructure is another piece. Finding someone, anyone, that could figure out how to work with Chesterfield on some regional transportation issues would be a heckuva piece, too.

Also in Style, is this really great interview Brent Baldwin did with John Waters, who’s in town at the Byrd this Friday. Whatever your thoughts on John Waters are (although, Hairspray!), dude’s whipsmart and there are a ton of really great takeaways in that interview.

RTD kills it with this headline of the day: “Editorial: The slavery museum debate gets Wilder

The NYT recaps last night’s debate.

This morning’s longread

‘Fat Guy Across America’ Hits New York

Weight loss, bicycles, and a Proclaimers reference!

His weight reached 567 pounds. He told himself he had a choice: Rot away in Danville, Ind., where he had been living with his parents, or do something drastic to save his life and marriage. He considered a gastric bypass, but while listening to the Proclaimers’ hit “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” he had another idea.

The narrator of that rousing 1988 song vows to walk 500 miles (and 500 more) to prove his devotion to the one he loves. Mr. Hites figured he would not be able to walk such a distance, given that, in addition to carrying so much weight, he was a heavy smoker.

But maybe he could make it that far on a bicycle. Maybe he could even pedal more than 3,000 miles, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He could see the country, lose some pounds, get a book deal out of it and show the woman he loved that he could change.

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