Good Morning, RVA: The weekend!

Quick! Somebody convince me not to shirk 100% of my responsibilities today!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 57 °F, and today’s weather looks just fine: highs in the mid-80s with sunny skies. This weekend’s weather still teeters on the edge as newly-named subtropical storm Ana creeps towards us. Saturday looks pretty OK, but Sunday into Monday may end up wet.

Water cooler

What a weekend, y’all! There’s VCU and UR graduation, Mother’s Day, the Strawberry Street Festival, plus a million and a half other things to do. I’m just going to lay down some links, you click them, and transcribe the applicable things onto your calendar. Make sure you write small!

WTVR is reporting two separate and fatal shooting yesterday: the first on the city’s South Side, the second in the East End. I haven’t seen if the police are classifying these as murders or not. Richmond has had just six murders in 2015—this time last year that number stood at 17.

BlueBellGate continues, and my need for a quality salted caramel ice cream grows. Anyone have a favorite they’d like to recommend?

Vox has collated together several fascinating infographics by James Kennedy about the forced evolution of corn, peaches, and watermelon. Every watermelon you eat has been genetically modified over the last several millenia to be significantly more delicious! What would Science Babe think!?


  • Squirrels have now won four straight and return home to host Bowie tonight at 7:05 PM. Get your tickets!
  • Kickers face the Charlotte Independence tonight at 7:30 PM. You can stream the game on YouTube.
  • Nats host the Braves at 7:05 PM.
  • Wizards host the Hawks tomorrow in game three (most likely without John Wall).
  • Caps try to close out the series with the Rangers tonight at 7:00 PM.

What to expect

  • More i.e.* startup competition finalists!
  • Beer News!
  • What to do if you’ve failed to think about Mother’s Day until reading this very sentence!

This morning’s longread

A Day in the Life of Pinterest

She takes down a few reams of burlap and makes a nest in the living room. Pinterest feels safe in the nest. Calm. She paints little garden scenes on each of her nails and does a few hours of glitter crafts. Did you know that you can turn regular pinecones into gold-covered pinecones with the simple addition of some gold?

Man, some of this is brilliant!

This morning’s Instagram

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  1. Gelati Celesti is the spot for that ice cream!

  2. allison on said:
  3. Emily Ward on said:

    Taligenti Salted Caramel (pint) is the best. You can get at Kroger or Martin’s. Yes, better than Blue Bell.

  4. Anne on said:

    I will second Lindsey’s comment on the awesomeness of Gelati Celesti and their salted caramel ice cream. They definitely beat BlueBell

  5. Erinn on said:

    I’m with Lindsey & Anne – Gelati Celesti. So good!

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