Good Morning, RVA: The beginning of a beautiful (short) week

No time to waste this week: you’ve got four days to accomplish the work of five and one day to celebrate America.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 69 °F, and we’re in for another beautiful, hot, and humid day. Highs could break 90 °F, so dress accordingly–or if you’re on vacation, maybe don’t even dress at all!

Water cooler

Yesterday, around 2:30 PM, police received a call reporting a dead man inside a home on the 500 block of Rosemont Road. They are investigating this as a homicide, which would be the city’s 23rd homicide of 2014.

These days it’s not enough to just have a plain, old, regular-type park. You’ve gotta have a pocket park, or maybe a pop-up park, or how about…a park made out of a bridge?! Some folks in town, originally inspired by the late Mike Huges, want to build Richmond’s newest park on a bridge stretching across the James River.

Back in 2012, Facebook conducted a study where they manipulated the contents of users’ feeds and watched the effect it would have on those users’ moods. Did you feel mysteriously sad two years ago? Maybe Facebook was secretly manipulating your emotions! Hooray!


  • Squirrels went 2-3 against Bowie over the weekend. They’ll travel to Harrisburg tonight.
  • Kickers walked away from this weekend’s games with a 1-1 tie and a game rescheduled due to lightning.
  • Nats split the series with the Cubs. Today they face the Rockies at home at 7:05 PM.

World Cup

It’s win or go home from here on out. This weekend’s victims: Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, and Greece. Also I can’t stop watching this .gif of Netherland’s Arjen Robben flopping against Mexico. Today’s matches:

  • France vs. Nigeria, 12:00 PM, ESPN3/ESPN
  • Germany vs. Algeria, 4:00 PM, ESPN3/ESPN

This morning’s longread

It’s still revenge porn when the victim is a man

When we think of “revenge porn”, what usually comes to mind is a terrible ex-boyfriend who posts naked pictures or videos of a woman he wants to humiliate online. And to be fair, that’s the most common image of this crime because that’s the form revenge porn most often takes. This week, however, we’ve seen not one but two men lose their jobs (and possibly their careers) after consensually-shared pictures of their genitals were made public by women seeking to embarrass them.

Years from now, after someone hacks Snapchat, revenge porn will lose its leverage.

This morning’s Instagram

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