Good Morning, RVA: SO HOT!

Sweat, complain, fry eggs—do the normal hot weather stuff.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 72 °F this morning, and the heat is on, on the street. Highs in the upper-90s and Feels Likes surpassing 100 °F will make people, plants, and animals feel wilty and sad. Whatever cloud cover we end up with today, don’t expect it to blunt the near-record temperatures one bit (current record: 100 °F set in 1970).

Water cooler

An unknown gunman killed nine people in a Charleston, SC church last night. Police are still looking for the suspect.

Style Weekly has an update on changes to the High-Line-like Bridge Park, which we’ve covered before. The new plans are both more ambitious and more realistic, with the park taking over existing lanes of the massively over-big Manchester Bridge instead of building an entirely new structure. Aaron Williams had this very idea last year as part of this 100 Days project.

These guys did the Special Olympics Over the Edge challenge a couple of months early, not on purpose, and filled with terror.

Bah! Why do I read these anonymous editorials in the RTD? I know they exist to troll me, but still I click, and still I am trolled. Today’s piece jokingly presents a list of microagressions in a “can you believe how sensitive we’ve become!” kind of way. Yes, in fact, I can believe it! We’re hopefully maturing into a more diverse and respectful society! Seriously though, don’t say any of these things on this list to people. Please, please, please do not ask someone who appears to be a minority “Where are you from? No, like, where are you from?”

Hey, check this out: the Treasury has decided that it will put a woman on the next redesign of the $10 bill. The Treasury Secretary will decide by the end of the year, and the only stipulation is the woman must be dead. Also, the Treasury Secretary will now be a suspect in the suspicious deaths of any famous, currency-bound women.

This is a big deal. Reclassifying Uber drivers (and other sharing economy workers) as full-time employees instead of contractors suddenly makes the whole thing more expensive for these new companies.


  • Squirrels took home a 4-3 win over Harrisburg, they finish that series tonight and then return home tomorrow for a good, long stretch.
  • Kickers were bounced from the U.S. Open Cup by the Columbus Crew SC, 1-3.
  • Nats were blanked by the Rays, 0-5, at home. They’ll try to even out the series tonight at 7:05 PM.

What to expect

It’s Thursday, so you can expect:

  • 5 Things to do around town this crazy weekend
  • All the Food News you could use
  • Clever ideas for your next date night
  • Dog show!

This morning’s longread

Follow the White Ball: The torments of Ronnie O’Sullivan, snooker’s greatest player.

Early on a Tuesday morning last fall, Ronnie O’Sullivan was running through the woods near his home, in Chigwell, Essex, northeast of London. It was damp and muddy, England in November. O’Sullivan, who is thirty-nine, loves the anonymity of running. About ten years ago, he discovered that it was one thing that truly takes him out of himself–more than the drink and the drugs and the antidepressants–and suspends the otherwise unavoidable fact that he is the most talented snooker player of all time.

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