Good Morning, RVA: Beautiful weather today

…almost too beautiful.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 67 °F and…not super humid? In fact, today’s weather looks like it’ll be almost prefect: highs in the mid-80s, sunny, dry, and no swamp-like humidity. I’d never advocate this, but maybe we all should just stay home and spend the day reading on the back porch.

Water cooler

Yesterday, the Redskins held their first day of practice at the training camp despite the gloomy, wet weather. Perhaps it was the rain, but the newly approved food truck vendors said business was non existent. Sugar Shack Donuts, who I think we’ve basically elected honorary king of Richmond, had this to say:

…if the Redskins want to be a community member, then do it. Don’t close the streets that the citizens pay for. Don’t stop citizens from riding their bikes to work. Don’t hide in the Omni only patronizing Tobacco Company. Go out, shop, eat, say hello, make friends. BE A MEMBER OF THIS GREAT CITY!!!

Yesterday a tanker truck carrying 7,500 gallons of gasoline overturned on I-95 south. 6,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel spilled into the storm drains and will find its way into Swift Creek. Residents who live nearby “can expect to smell a gasoline odor for several days” and “may also see an opaque sheen on the waters of Swift Creek.”’s Karri Peifer has the bittersweet news that An Bui (aka the Mekong guy) will buy Commercial Taphouse. Bui plans a menu revamp, most likely in the “American / Asian fusion” direction, and a new draft system (hopefully he’ll keep the beer engine). Honestly, there’s probably no one better qualified to carry on ComTap’s tradition of incredibly delicious, sensible, and thoughtful draft lists, but, because I’m from Richmond, I fear change.


  • Squirrels top Erie, 4-3, continue tonight at 7:05 PM. They return to Richmond on Monday.
  • Kickers host the Harrisburg City Islanders this Saturday at 7:00 PM in City Stadium. It’s craft beer night, which means your $12 ticket get you into the match and scores you a beer.
  • Nats face the Reds tonight at 7:10 PM.

This morning’s longread

I’m Ira Glass, Host of This American Life, and This Is How I Work

My worst habit: when I should be writing something for this week’s show, I’ll procrastinate by looking over some contract or making some business phone call or doing something else that actually isn’t as important as writing. Which is to say: I procrastinate by working. I wonder if that’s common.

I also find that somehow, the way I’m built, the hardest part of my job is simply to shift from one task to the next. The new task is like icy water you have to dive into. The old task is a warm bath. It’s especially hard when I know the new task is going to be really difficult, as half of them are. I always have to brace myself.

Photo by: sandy’s dad

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