Folk, Plan 9, Obama, and Gaddafi

A local hangout/landmark files for bankruptcy protection, PotUS stops by, the Folk Festival was awesome, and Libya’s autocratic ruler was killed in their ongoing civil war. This is your week in review!


It seems like RVA spends the majority of the summer gearing up for the violent, festival onslaught that is October. And, of course, the Folk Festival is the blood-crusted scimitar leading the charge. Or something. Anyway, this year’s festival was the largest on record, bringing 200,000 people downtown over the weekend. Like, whoa!


Everyone’s favorite place to hangout in Carytown as a teenager filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection: Plan 9, guys! I have many, many memories of buying physical copies of music in that place. Ah well, the changing landscape of the music business is complicated and fraught with sad stories like this (assets of less than $50,000 and liabilities between $1 million and $10 million, yikes!). It really is something best expressed by haiku:

Record store of old
Must this be the end for us?
Listen ‘fore you buy :(

— ∮∮∮ —

The President made his second stop in the Richmond area in just a couple of months. That guy just can’t get enough of us! He was here stumping for his job bill at a fire station in Chesterfield. Some people were a little peeved that he chose not to stop by Louisa County and see some of the earthquake damage (for which FEMA has denied disaster aid) first hand.


Muammar Gaddafi is dead. Before being killed by opposition forces in Libya’s ongoing (but nearing its end, you’d think) civil war, he was the fourth longest ruling non-royal leader in the world. There is a wikipedia page about that. For 42 years he ruled Libya after seizing power in 1969–ten years short of the number one spot, which is held by Fidel Castro.

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  1. lasingh on said:

    I was shocked to discover that Col. Gaddafi was SMOKING HOT when he seized power back in the 60s. Proof:

    I seriously couldn’t stop looking at these pictures.

  2. anonymous on said:

    The corporate media is trumpeting NATO’s success over Gaddafi, which is to be expected. Gaddafi was a tyrant to many in Libya and I am certainly not defending his legacy.

    However, what is troubling is how much this international cooperation is being cited as a’ winner’ and what future uses of it are being planned.

    The New World Order is here and its being run by the oil companies.

  3. Meade on said:

    The “Cooperate Media” is controlled and run by liberal elitists, much like Barack Obama.

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