City Council: Most of agenda continued to next meeting

What looked to be an almost token City Council meeting on Monday evening completely lived down to expectations.

At this week’s City Council meeting, the two items potentially controversial enough to warrant being slotted onto the Regular Agenda were either withdrawn or continued. In addition, all but two of the ordinances/resolutions from the Consent Agenda were continued.

Council voted to allow the reconfiguration and addition of parking areas (PDF) to a redevelopment plan which will convert 1714 Summit Avenue in Scott’s Addition into 31 dwelling units. They also OK’d changes to the SUP for 310 South Boulevard to allow the enclosure of an existing porch (PDF). Exciting, no?

Again, a resolution to reverse the decision of the Commission of Architectural Review (PDF) regarding the windows at 2916 Monument Avenue was scheduled to come before council, and again this has been continued. The SUP for 2501 Monument Avenue (Virginia Center of Architecture) has also been continued, again.

— ∮∮∮ —

Council voted to appoint/reappoint a number of folks to various boards/positions:

  • Denise P. Dickerson as a member of the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority,
  • Dr. Cheryl Ivey Green as a member of the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority,
  • Jessie E. Bell as a member of the Personnel Board of the City of Richmond,
  • Susan D. Hansen as a member of the Community Criminal Justice Board,
  • Albertina R. Carter as a member of the Community Criminal Justice Board,
  • Jack O. Lanier as a member of the Community Criminal Justice Board,
  • Melvin Lawson as a member of the Advisory Board for the Assessment of Towing Fees and the Storage of Vehicles,
  • John L. Bock as a member of the Building Code Board of Appeals (General Division),
  • Richard Barton Campbell as a member of the Community Criminal Justice Board, and
  • Dr. Richard L. Bennett, Jr. as a member of the Richmond Ambulance Authority.

— ∮∮∮ —

Councilman Agelasto gave special recognition to Comcast for Comcast Cares Day, a company-wide day of community service. Comcast employees spent Saturday, April 17th cleaning up Byrd Park and the Carillion area.

Agelasto also recognized the John B. Cary Elementary School cheerleading squad, who were all present and cute as buttons.

— ∮∮∮ —

There were but three public speakers, who are paraphrased below:

Eric Lane Tempford – brought his great-grandfather’s bible. The mayor, as a Christian man, shouldn’t need so much protection. Towing vendors. Too many venues for public meetings, this is corruption. “I have asked God to send an incorruptible judge to Richmond…I ask God to send an earthquake…and get rid of your homes.”

Stacy Rogers – from Richmond Coalition of Police, thanks council for passing step raises for police.

Keith Andes – from the Richmond Firefighters Association I.A.F.F. Local 995, thanks council for passing step raises for fire fighters.

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  1. Jason James on said:

    Just want to say thanks to John and RVA News for covering city council — even when not much is going on!

  2. FANrocker on said:

    This is big news! Another earthquake? “I ask God to send an earthquake…” Is this man a prophet? Here in Richmond? I want a further investigation into this incident at the City Council meeting-

  3. I would loved to have had video of that speaker. He had a lot to say.

    @James – thanks for that, it’s good to know that someone is paying attention :)

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