Chartsandgraphs: RVA homicides, 2010-2012

A look back at how Richmond’s murder count has changed over the last couple of years and over the last couple of decades.







2012 saw 42 murders committed in Richmond–five more than 2011, but only one more than 2010. 42 is the most murders in Richmond since 2007.

Murders by area of town, 2010-2012

You can see in this map of Richmond murders from 2010-2012 that murders are basically constrained by a line drawn south down Chamberlayne and west on Midlothian Turnpike.

A couple of things to note in this chart:

  1. The decrease of murders in the eastern part of the city, from 14 in 2010, to 13 in 2011, to just nine last year.
  2. The dramatic increase in murders in the southern part of the city–an increase of nine (over 50%). If the Southside had maintained its 2011 numbers, or even its slightly higher 2010 numbers, Richmond would have seen 33 murders. That would have been the fewest murders since 1961.

Age of murder victims, 2010-2012

Sadly, the majority of murder victims are under 30.

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Murders by year, 1992-2012

This chart really drives home just how much murders have decreased in Richmond since the mid-90s. It’ll be interesting to see if 2013 continues 2012’s upward trend or if the murder count heads back down around 40.

Cumulative murders by month, 1992-2012

No one month is more deadly than the next (including the summer months). Since 1992, the months that had 10+ murders the greatest number of times: January (9), September (7), November (7).

Number of months per year with over 10 murders, 1992-2012

In 1994, every month except one (June, 4) had over 10 murders. Until last September (11), the last time RVA saw a 10+ murder months was in 2006.

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  1. JacobK on said:

    My only nit-pick (sp.) is that you’ve indicated an upward trend as of this year. Typically statistically speaking one point isn’t enough to indicate a trend. Otherwise a fascinating piece of writing. Thank you!

  2. Jesse on said:

    I find the map most interesting. Is there an easy way to add pins for murders in the surrounding counties, and/or for earlier than 2010?

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