TIP! The best smoothies ’n’ juice around

It’s like health in a cup. And if you get enough cups, you can get more health for less!

I keep trying to figure out a way to perfectly capture what the Ellwood Thompson juice bar experience means to me, but it’s tougher than I expected. I just…love it so much. The filling and delicious Almond Brother, the nutrition-packed Mean Green, and I won’t forget you, my beloved chia-spiked Get Glowing. When I feel like something full of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits and don’t feel like assembling it myself and going through with the arduous task of chewing a food, ET is my place.

Each harried and pulp-covered juice bar employee does their best to try to remain cheerful as we timidly give our orders, sending them mixing and juicing and trying to suppress a small sigh when we ask for more wheat grass. In my mind, it’s the position the employees hate the most because of the sheer cardiovascular strength it must require–but the sheer joy they bring each customer as they hand them a Runner’s Boost and initial the ninth spot on their juice card…I’m not sure what could match that.

Oh yeah, the juice card. That’s what this TIP! is about. Grab one at the juice bar or at any register, and make sure you get someone to initial it for you every single time you buy any size juice or smoothie. Your tenth will be free. And even the ET-ers will make sure you know that you should definitely get a 20-ouncer with your free slot–those things aren’t cheap.

Here’s the menu.

Ellwood Thompson’s is a local market at the intersection of Ellwood and Thompson. Wait a second…

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