TIP! Shoryuken Ramen is open for lunch

The suddenly crisp fall air can mean only one thing: delicious ramen.

When the weather starts to change I instantly begin to crave soups of all kinds. Vegetable soups are pretty OK, I can get behind chili alright, but when it comes down to it noodle soup is the apex soup predator. I will now list my two favorite makers of hot, flavorful, life-giving noodle soups in Richmond. This will be a controversial, albeit short, list:

For ages, Pho So 1 was the place to get a bowl of hot noodle soup (pho) at lunch time, but, man, you had to get yourself out there.1 Now, as of a couple weeks ago, city-based noodle lovers can grab an amazing lunch in a bowl (ramen) at Shoryuken2! This is fantastic news! Noodles for everyone!

Now I’m gonna need a breakfast noodle spot…

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  1. I just looked up the walk from the planned BRT stop at Willow Lawn…31 minutes. Sigh. 
  2. A zero minute walk from the planned Schaffer BRT stop! 
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  1. amenk. on said:

    As Richard Hayes says: “Noodles are the new bacon”.
    And a shout out for Pho Tay Do on Rigsby Road (the little blue building with the plywood art and the best broth in town).

  2. charles t. on said:

    That Pho place on Rigsby used to open at 9am for breakfast.

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