TIP! Put the Q in your morning chew

You’re better than fast food. So much better. Like, quinoa better.

You know what’s really good? Breakfast. You know what’s not that good…like even a little bit? Hasty, greasy, fast food breakfast. Well, it might taste good to some–but holy saturated fat, you do not want to put it in your body.

The average fast food breakfast sandwich (some sort of bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese) has about 10 grams of saturated fat, which is pretty much your entire allotted daily amount if you eat around 2,000 calories. Whoa.

Why not try something with about half that much saturated fat and a whole lot more good for you stuff–like protein, fiber, and oodles of vitamins and nutrients? Some folks might not think of quinoa as a breakfast food…or think of quinoa at all. But it’s high time you start! It’s loaded with way more nutrients than rice and is so friggin’ yummy.

The other day when I looked in the fridge and couldn’t figure out anything easy to make, I instantly let out a groan. I then saw some leftover quinoa from dinner the night before and a meal idea started to take shape.

You know what’s better than really good? Breakfast in the form of a super-easy-to-make and ridiculously delicious (and healthy!)…Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. Just cook up some quinoa, turkey sausage (I used Aidelle’s chicken and apple), whatever veggies you have on hand–green pepper, spinach, or kale would be great–and, one delicious free-range, local (they taste better, I swear) fried egg. Serve with fresh, cut up avocado and top with your favorite hot sauce or salsa. I highly recommend Herdez salsa verde, but my wife likes Tabasco chipotle sauce.

It’s so good, I promise. In my wife’s words it was “exactly what I wanted.”


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Abby Waller

Abby Waller has lived in Richmond most of her life. She adores the gritty city and through her blog ISpyRVA.com she attempts to capture its quirks and awesomeness.

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