The approachable world of relationship and sex counseling

Dr. Katherine Bettin is so warm and so welcoming, we couldn’t limit her to words on a page. This recorded interview will give hope to the lost and encouragement to the found.

I met Dr. Katherine Bettin several years ago through an old client of mine. She exudes unconditional acceptance, and after just a few minutes chatting in a restaurant booth, I felt dangerously on the verge of putting my head in her lap and letting her tell me everything was going to be OK.

For Valentine’s Day, we figured that, statistically, our readers probably include people with imperfect love lives. In fact, we’d be shocked if our readership included people with perfect love lives. So we wanted to do what we could to counteract the dispiriting gloom that many people associate with the holiday of publicized love offerings.

Katherine, as she prefers to be called, sat down and talked with me in her office about what relationship counseling is like – a talk much deeper than the “buy strokers here” one, – what it can do for you, and how she goes about helping her clients. It’s simply not possible to recreate her encouraging and calming tone in a printed piece, so here’s an audio version.

Take heart, everyone. Love is hard, but there is help available if you choose to accept it.

Learn more about Katherine1 and get in touch on her website.

  1. Her last name, in case you decide to give her a call, is pronounced “beh-TEEN.” 
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