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Chris OBrion

Chris OBrion is an artist, designer, and cartoonist. He has been a staff artist at daily newspapers in three different states and currently works out of Richmond, his hometown. You can check out more of his work at

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  1. randbo on said:

    VCU needs football. Regardless of the upfront cost, the economic benefit to the city would be huge. With 30,000 + students and hundreds of thousands of alumni living in the area, I seriously doubt they would ever have to worry about lack of attendance. People would drive from all over to come and watch Saturday games at home, and then they would most likely visit the neighboring restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightlife in the city.

    The Economic benefit to the city would be far more beneficial than any other project that the City of Richmond is currently working on.

  2. On the other hand, doesn’t not having a football team keep tuition costs low(er)?

  3. anonymous on said:

    Football costs money and could be a huge distraction from academics.
    The startup costs are huge at a time when money is scarce and getting more scarce.

    One up and running, football could also raise money and profile.

    City stadium and Boulevard could be good places for a stadium.

  4. how about we bring GPA’s up, re-inspire teachers, and then use the money left over to invest in football… oh wait, there’s no money to do any of these things.

  5. I love that my alma mater doesn’t have a football team. It’s a point of pride for me, actually.

  6. James on said:

    How awesome would it be to walk from carytown to a renovated city stadium? VCU football will happen.

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