Starbucks and Champps pulling out of Stony Point Fashion Park

First Build-a-Bear now this.

Champps shut down this past Tuesday citing decisions from corporate. According to Champps employed four managers and 53 hourly employees.

This morning Richmond has the news that the Starbucks in that same area of the mall will be closing effective Monday February 25th. What makes this more interesting is that while the mall has always lagged behind Short Pump the owners seem committed.

In recent years, Stony Point’s overall performance has trailed its rival Short Pump Town Center, which posted revenue three times that of Stony Point’s for 2012.

Signaling a commitment to the Southside mall, Taubman, the shopping center REIT that owns Stony Point,recently put up almost $100 million in cash to pay down an expiring loan backed by 343,000 square feet of retail space at the property.

Semi-related if Chipolte goes away I’ll be devastated.
Photos: Burl Rolett/Richmond

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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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  1. Barbara Zimmermann on said:

    Champps went bankrupt. They didn’t pull out. And now that Starbucks coffee shop is leaving there’s every reason to come try out their teashop Teavana
    See ya there. .

  2. Really not comparing apples to apples to say revenue at Short Pump is 3 times as great, since the square footage is also massively greater.

  3. Not only is Short Pump much larger by comparison, it’s also in a much more populous area of Richmond and will naturally attract more customers.

  4. Krystyna on said:

    Teavana is not a fair comparison. That is a store, not a cafe. If there’s already a few people in there, it’s very uncomfortable even looking around in the tight space.

  5. As stated above Champps went bankrupt. They’ve closed several locations very abruptly this week.

  6. Jon Beattie on said:

    I love that mall . Isn’t the Starbucks kina away from the “real food” places? I can see they were trying more casual with champs, the Mexican and chipotle in that area. And a more upscale,area on the other side. Wishing them the best in replacements for sure

  7. I prefer Stony Point over Short Pump…..more upscale stores and less congestion. A delightful shopping experience!

  8. Hope they can fill those restaurant spaces, and add a new coffee spot somewhere in the mall.
    Teavana? I had the absolute worst shopping experience of my life in that place, and will never step foot in there again. A bizarre, super-pushy sales force that haws over-priced teas and tins. The sales lady actually stormed off because we wouldn’t buy their ‘tea tin’ to complement our purchase and someone else had to ring us up. True story. They have some weird sales techniques going on in there.

    An outdoor mall needs a coffee joint, a place for non-shoppers to hang out while they wait for their wives in anthropologie or saks :)

  9. Willis on said:

    If the city can’t retain businesses in the retail centers they have than how on earth does then adminstration think 60 acres of development will magically fill the boulevard if the stadium gets moved? Trying to make everything “grande” doesn’t always mean it’s “gran”.

  10. Teavana is the absolute worst store at this mall or any mall. Even worse than Forever 21. There needs to be a SNL skit parodying this store and its overzealous employees. I’d love to see Mac Cosmetics come back. Not sure why they left because the store was always packed. It would be nice to see an RVA-based restaurant concept in the Champps space.

  11. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a second location of a popular fan/downtown casual/sports spot in the old Champps. Baja, Home Team Grill and Bottom’s Up come to mind for that space.

  12. Karen on said:

    Erin, great idea! Maybe one of our local breweries could take over that space. And I agree about MAC. I really liked their product.

  13. JD Lemmon on said:

    It’s a great pet friendly place. A groomer, pet sitter, pet supply store, or a another possible location for a satellite RSPCA.

  14. Look for more closings to take place at Stony Point as more 10 year leases come up for renewal.

  15. Scott on said:

    It’s already been 10 years so any of the 10 year leases that were expired have been renewed.

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