Picture of the day: Rolling coal through RVA


Photo by: JOz44

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Matthew McDonald

I see you.

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  1. Scott Burger on said:

    Such great composition- the still, vertical buildings contrast with the horizontally moving train and water. The train’s length and power is suggested by the way the photo captures it going right past the perpendicular bridge. Look out how the cloudy white sky is emphasized by the white highlights on the Federal Reserve building, the rapids in the river, and then the white railcars.

  2. Denny R. on said:

    Whoa! Did Scott really write that?!

  3. Mike Jasp on said:

    OK this is much more fun. RVANews picks up on the Sburger issue and throws some chum out in the water. Look at this, we CSX ugly coal cars and a bunch of big corporate buildings….Coal is featured in the title….The burger shark swims up….circles the bait and realizes what is going on. He blows kisses and swims away…..

  4. Scott Burger on said:

    Yes, I wrote that this morning. I am not some one trick pony.

    But this is more substantial and informative:



    Railroads such as Norfolk Southern (NYSE: NSC) and CSX (NYSE: CSX), whose coal freight comprises 26% and 27% of overall revenue, respectively, saw their coal revenue decline 17% and 14%, respectively.



    Note to fellow environmentalists, despite whatever Obama says tonight, I expect he will eventually cave to the fossil fuel lobby in the future (I hope I am proven wrong).


    I am not going to make it, but the Sierra Club is leading a bus trip to D.C. this Sunday to put the pressure on.


  5. Anon E. Mouse on said:

    Notice how the author throws in a feint, shocking his critics with his expert dissection of the photographer’s technique, impressing us with his knowledge of composition, then deftly slipping in a follow up, “more substantial and informative “ call for action.

    The new, more nuanced, Scott Burger. One trick pony indeed!

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