Live at Ipanema: Itchy Hearts

We have two things to say about Andy Cobb, lead singer of The Itchy Hearts: he sounds eerily like Bob Dylan and he’s pretty darn adorable. There. Now you have no choice but to check out the sights and sounds from their January installment of Live at Ipanema.

In case you missed it



Photos by PJ Sykes

Make sure you check out the next installment of Live at Ipanema this Saturday, February 5 at 10pm, featuring BLASCO! Ipanema Cafe, 917 W. Grace Street, totally free

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  1. Thanks, Andy!
    Thanks, PJ!
    Thanks, Kendra!
    Thanks, everybody!

    See you again tomorrow night for our very special Saturday edition of Live at Ipanema. This time with Blasco!

  2. Andy is so damn charming! Can’t wait to listen to this.
    Be sure to check Blasco out!

  3. here’s the setlist!

    1. The Money
    2. The One They Want
    3. Big One Day
    4. Ima Be Cool
    5. S.S.
    6. I Can’t Wait
    7. Enrique
    8. God Always Gives
    9. I Been Walkin


  4. Pizza Wilson on said:

    I don’t think he sounds like Dylan at all. Why the fuck does everyone think that every dude with a nasally voice and an acoustic guitar sounds like Dylan. Not that expect anyone at RVA to make anything more than a peripheral and name-ridden analysis of any type of music or musician, but come on people.This guy is actually good, and original. He deserves better than that.

    Don’t be dumb


  5. George on said:

    Hey Pizza – A website just encouraged its readers to listen to that guy’s music by comparing him to one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. Fuck ’em! That guy deserves better! Like maybe they should just write him a check directly and cut out that lengthy process where he gets new fans.

    Thanks, RVANews, for turning me onto something new.

    Don’t be a dick


  6. Pizza Wilson on said:

    if it takes rvanews to turn you on to something new, then I suggest you more actively ingest art.


  7. taco windsor on said:

    You’re a dick Pizza Wilson, and the exact type of person that you are complaining about. Who cares how you find out about new music? There’s nothing wrong with hearing about a band through a local publication.

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