Good Evening, RVA: February 23rd, 2016

Today’s a good day to listen to the B-52’s and pretend like it’s sunny.

Photo by @zack.johnson_

It was a murky day in RVA.

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Photo by: TerryBrock

Well, now buttermilk pie is all we can think about

There’s a section of the Code of Virginia that prohibits localities from removing war memorials anyway, so why did we even bother having arguments about it? The subject exhausts us, so go ahead and read our thing about it while we move on to something that makes us love humanity more.

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Relaxed child

Photo by: Chloe Hague.

This is that thing that makes us love humanity more!

Good old Sam Davies and his chill approach (whether he’s faking it or not!) to parenting. Of course, when you also suffer from anxiety, you start to question whether you’re too chill, and that creates a decidedly un-chill scenario. It’s all very confusing!

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VCU MBB vs Richmond (167 of 203)

Man, this was a good time

The mighty VCU Rams defeated the sometimes-deadly UR Spiders, in a game that was both good and frustrating to watch. Even the non-basketball-experts among us could see that both teams needed to step their defense way the heck up, BUT the Rams’ victory was never a sure thing, and that’s what makes the Spiders such a worthy opponent. Anyway, here are the photos, which include a lot of good signs that aren’t even very rude!

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Today’s homicide news

Unfortunately, Richmond Police are reporting yet another homicide. Nathaniel Bullock was shot in the head in a parking lot on the 3000 block of Chamberlayne Avenue, one block from where this weekend’s double homicide was committed. Police don’t think there’s a connection. They are, however, asking for the public’s help in finding the double homicide perpetrator, who you should definitely not approach. More details here.

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Drama at the square

Eight people got arrested! Many people made signs! One person dressed up as a creepy Uncle Sam! Lots of pictures, text, and one video.

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Photo by: ruberti

We’ll help you understand it all–including the reasons why you should want to

Thank the heavens for Teresa Cole, who’s willing to break down the Richmond Education Problem before we get so confused that we just hand our kids slates and chalk and tell them to parse sentences all day while we peer nervously at the out-of-doors through our curtains. We present EDU FAQ #001: Where do we even start?. And yes, Teresa does answer that very question!

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Danny Dorito

He’s never looked so tasty.

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