Friends of Bryan Park against rezoning of development near Bryan Park

Decision on the deferment is scheduled for March 13th.

Friends of Bryan Park are now providing a link (pdf) to the Henrico Planning Department’s report for Henrico’s Planning Commission regarding the rezoning request by Cadmus (Cenveo) and Wilton. The rezoning request is summed up very well in the image above.

The area inside the red lines will need to be rezoned if townhouses are to be built on it. The blue area was planned in the 1920′s and is “grand-fathered in,” allowing for a very high density subdivision.

The  map above shows plans for development on what has always been a quiet, natural area of 104 year old Bryan Park.  A huge number of Henrico County’s residents use Bryan Park,  but Henrico does not pay a dime to support or care for it.  Trash flows into the park from Upham Brook and Jordan’s Branch in Henrico County, never stopping.  Sediment from the same brooks clog the upper pond.  This may be Henrico’s next assault on this much loved park, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. (To those who live in Henrico and volunteer in the park, thank you!)

This case is scheduled to be heard on March 13, at 7:00 PM but a deferment has been requested and will be granted or denied on at the March 13th meeting. If the deferment is granted action on the request would be moved to April 10th.

For more information on this development head to Friends of Bryan Park Subdivision.

Image: Friends of Bryan Park Subdivision

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  1. As a Henrico County resident, I oppose this development. Thank you for posting this article.

  2. Brian on said:

    A huge number of City residents use Henrico facilities and the city doesnt pay a dime. Whats the point?

  3. freddy2006rva on said:

    I’m not making a statement for or against this subdivision, but it is a serious stretch to say 6-7 units per acre is “very high density”. That is similar density to most of the 1920’s streetcar suburbs in the City of Richmond.

  4. Not a Richmonder on said:

    As a Far West Ender, I can tell you from firsthand experience that Henrico County will let anyone develop almost anything, regardless of the environmental damage. And many particularly loathsome projects, like this one, have no problem getting approved because they butt up against the county line. Do you really think the overdeveloped Far West End with its deep-pocketed residents would have let West Creek be built? No! But it was built just across the Henrico-Goochland line. Do you think the “don’t build anything” Hanover attitude would have let Virginia Center Commons be built? No way! But it was built just on this side of the Henrico-Hanover line.


    If the Friends of Bryan Park don’t want another development like that just across the county line, buy the property on the other side of the line!!!

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