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Where do I turn when I’ve got the “don’t know what to make” blues?
 There’s a whole world of online sources of all things food.

 Check out some of my go-to’s…

Sometimes I just want a new recipe. I don’t want to give it much thought, and I’m not in the mood to create. I want someone else to have thought about it, made it, tested it, and shared it. Or, at the very least, I want some inspiration, because my cookbooks, recipe boxes and magazines just aren’t cutting it. Where do I turn when I’ve got the “don’t know what to make” blues?
 There’s a whole world of online sources of all things food.

 Check out some of my go-to’s:

Gluten-free goodies

If I’m searching for gluten free recipes, my favorite place is Elana’s Pantry. I’m always sure to find this pure, clean site, loaded with the best, the freshest, GF dishes. I will admit, though, I get a bit jealous when I read this site. Miss Elana has children that seem to love (notice I did not just say “eat”) everything she puts in front of them, including KALE SLAW! Seriously?

Innovation and motivation

So, there’s this guy, Kevin, who claims that his kitchen is the size of a closet. His blog, Closet Cooking, proves it, but the food coming out of this hole are big-time. Kevin is seriously a motivated cook. He has pretty inventive combos and seems to be willing to try just about anything.

A taste of the unexpected

Amy Sherman is a recipe developer (you’ve seen her stuff in Williams Sonoma cookbooks!) in California. Her blog is jam-packed with great recipes. The condiment section is my favorite. Check out the blackberry ketchup, or the tangerine vanilla sauce. She has this great knack for combining unlikely suspects, and I love the unexpected surprises throughout her site!

Baking with style

Betty Crocker, here I come! Bakerella is the best go-to baking site I’ve come across. This girl has some style in her baking! She gives great step-by-step directions, complete with photos, and even offers great presentation and entertaining tips. Love it.

Down ‘n’ dirty

You can tell that The Pioneer Woman likes to get down and dirty in the kitchen. I love that her recipes are flooded with pics; but not only that, they’re not anything staged. Really, she’s got crust on her oven and all. I love her simple, good, comfort food recipes.

For the (creative) ladies

Eat Like a Girl is this great (Irish, but Britain-based) blogger that is truly passionate about her eats. She creates new recipes on a whim, which is very much my style. Who has time to write it down, though? I’m always inspired by her creativity.

Planning is key

Simply Recipes is a great blog by Elise Bauer. She’s got this site SUPER categorized, and I’ve caught myself using this as a quick go-to for planning a whole meal, not just a one dish trip. The other thing that’s great here is to use this site as you plan around food you have in the house already. Try searching “asparagus,” you’ll get about five thousand recipes.

White or red?

Some days, who really cares, right? Well, I have decided I want to care about the wine I’m enjoying. Because I don’t actually want to do the research, I read someone else’s hard work. And, I think 1 Wine Dude is smart, funny, and I learn about wine to boot!

Just for fun

This one isn’t for the recipes, but all for the laughs. I seriously have cried while browsing this site before. Cake Wrecks tells the tales and woes of professional cakes gone bad, complete with pictures and all. Scroll down the side and check out the “Literal LOLs,” just for starters. Note: don’t just look at the pictures. You’ve got to read this gal’s stuff, she’s brilliantly funny.

Ok, Richmond foodies! Tell me what food blogs (local and beyond) that you’re into and why.

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Kelly Blanchard

Kelly Blanchard loves thinking about, preparing, consuming, and serving good food. Believing that life is to short to eat the same stuff over and over, she loves to test new eats on her friends and family. Kelly loves her coffee-addicted hubbie, her two little blonde-haired babes, all things sweet, black tshirts, and the color pink.

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  1. It’s not local but it is one of my favorites:

    Bakin’ and Eggs

  2. MidloMama on said:

    I’m not a great cook, so I like to follow and see what recipies are coming. They do have stuff you can make all the time, and I liked a recent one about healthy after-school snacks. They post coupons sometimes, too.

    This site: is really cool, too. I like to make stuff with a lot of comments, because many of the contributors are super-knowledgable and have good substitution ideas. You could also go to the tab here and put in a few ingredients you have on hand and it will find recipies for you.

  3. You forgot to list one of the best looking sites–full of great recipes, sharp photography and witty writing. It’s an every day read for me!

  4. Dana on said:

    I like and – lots of gr8 cooking ideas there.

  5. Katherine on said:! It takes so many wonderful blogs and puts them all in one place.

  6. kelly on said:

    Thanks for all the new sites! I love having more in my back pocket.

  7. Several of these are already faves, but I’m excited to check out the ones that are new to me!

    My favorite local (I guess you could say it’s half-local) food blog is Two Tias Supper Club:

  8. Here’s a blog from a local blogger who works at Millie’s..

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