Solidarity with Ferguson March this Sunday starting in Monroe Park

The full title of the event is Police Brutality Rally & March Monroe Park to John Marshall Court House.

Inspired by the events transpiring in Ferguson, Missouri, Active-RVA (Active-RVA focuses on providing information on local political events) is holding a Police Brutality Rally & March Monroe Park To John Marshall Court House on Sunday at 4:30 PM. From Facebook the event already has 189 people confirmed as attending.

This Sunday, August 17th, at 4:30pm, there will be a march against police brutality in solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri, from Monroe Park (between West Franklin, Belvidere, West Main, and Laurel Streets) to the John Marshall Courts Building (400 North 9th Street, Richmond VA). A rally with speakers will take place at the courts building.

More speakers to be added, but at the moment, local poets Sudan Aunu and Bryant Munford will be speaking.

Image: RVA MAG

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  1. Brian E on said:

    Will there be a protest of the brutality inflicted upon others by criminals and thugs?

  2. @Brian E:

    While violence against the innocent is an ugly thing no matter who inflicts it, it’s especially ugly when it is state funded and/or sanctioned, when the violence is perpetrated by the very people we trust to protect us, and when it appears to have been perpetrated in a biased or racist fashion. Any way you slice it, these kinds of incidents need to be discussed, protested, dragged into the light of day, and they need to stop.

  3. Brian E on said:

    1. Follow the directions of law enforcement
    2. Do not give law enforcement a reason to resort to physical use of force
    3. Don’t lead a lifestyle that brings you into the attention of law enforcment
    4. Dont hang with others what may bring you into the attention of law enforcement

    Follow those suggestions and everything should be all good!

  4. Harold on said:

    #justicefortheconvenientclerk #assault #robbery

  5. Walt on said:

    Law enforcement officers are not judge and executioners. They are not entitled to tear gassing innocent members of the media, and destroying their equipment. A badge does not put you above the law.

  6. Erica on said:

    I was in Tiananmen Square ten days before the 25th anniversary. Heavy security, but the Chinese cops didn’t carry rifles like in Ferguson.

  7. Erica on said:

    Lee, don’t waste your brain cells on this troll. Brian is no doubt, another white trash apologist for the Death Brigade known as the Ferguson police force. Take that clueless, right-wing, victim-blaming nonsense else where please. This is not the space.

  8. Erica on said:

    The bombs used in Ferguson are the same bombs used in Gaza – have a look :

  9. Erica on said:

    As for the lies about robbery – that man in the cameras was not Michael Brown, you imbecile. Lies again. Good grief, so much white trash on the internet these days. And it’s because THEY KNOW people of color are waking up and winning this war of civil rights and justice and there’s not a THING they can do about it.

    Go ahead Harold and Brian – let the butt hurt. Go ahead.

  10. Erica on said:

    Show me the toxicology report from the trained, civil servant who fatally fired his weapon at an unarmed citizen ten times. – Dream Hampton

    There are Americans who think a black teenager reached for a cop’s gun, from 35 feet away, but demand further proof for global warming. – Michael Arria

  11. Erica on said:

    Pay CLOSE attention to people who speak VERY STRONGLY for the constitutional right to bear arms that now crap all over freedom of assembly.
    – Shaun King

  12. Erica on said:

    Unarmed teen Mike Brown was starting college tomorrow, but a government
    employee shot him 10 times. He was no thug unlike a lot of the white suburban, alcoholic, ecstasy-loving teenaged brats I know.

  13. Sarah on said:

    They arrested reporters instead of the actual KILLER. In this country there is a pattern of rightwing, gun brandishing, cop threatening demonstraters, met w/ no police action.

  14. Laura on said:

    …..really Harold? THAT’S the best you can come up with? White people have shot up movie theaters and schools and been brought in alive, so even IF he stole (which is a white supremacist-sold lie) how did that deserve death?

  15. Taylor on said:

    @Harold and Brian its no different if an unarmed 5yr old went in to a store and took a piece of gum and the police shooting him down. You don’t know all the information so I think you should keep your comments to yourselfs.

  16. Sean on said:

    Erica, i hear you. But easy on the white bashing please, you stoop to the same level of the people you hate.

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