Sneak Peek at Perly’s menu

Are you ready for Perly’s?

Photo of knish from Perly's restaurant

How long have you been waiting for Perly’s to open? The restaurant recently started to add photos of their menu to their Twitter account. From egg specials to fish platters and latkes to knishes, the menu will not disappoint. Check out Perly’s on Twitter to take a peek at what they will be serving. I am excited!

Perly's Menu - apps and sandwichesPerly's menu - cocktails and beer



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  1. This menu bares zero resemblance to Perly’s. It’s a completely new restaurant using Perly’s name.

  2. LouieKablooie on said:

    Will somebody just tell me when they are opening already?

  3. Lisa on said:

    More bland food in giant portions in a plain, generic interior. Feel like we have enough of that already. They shouldn’t keep the name. It isn’t the same.

  4. Nick P on said:

    I had hoped they would’ve maintained some semblance of the original. Such a disappointment. I’m sure it will be great, but using the Perly’s name seems disingenuous to the point of insulting.

  5. ChiefKurtz on said:

    Bob-‘This menu bares (sic) zero resemblance to Perly’s. It’s a completely new restaurant using Perly’s name.’ You realize the last menu bore no resemblance to the one the preceded it. Gray and Danielle opened a completely new restaurant using Perlys’ name.

  6. ChiefKurtz on said:

    Bad news Nick P-The ‘original’ wasn’t the one that closed recently.

  7. Fred Orelove on said:

    I am disappointed in the negativity of the comments. Here we have a successful restaurateur giving new life to a place that people miss, and doing so with a creative cuisine that RVA does not have. He is honoring the name Perly’s, not trying to duplicate the menu or the look. I am excited and plan to eat there before I pass judgment.

  8. Criso on said:

    You know what I’m disappointed about, Fred? This menu.

    Any idea if the breakfast menu will have simple eggs and toast on the menu? Would like to know with a vegetarian in the family.

  9. M is for Moses on said:

    Perly’s was originally a Jewish “stylec deli, I don’t think it was ever kosher. I guess it was before Nick, Lisa & Bob were ever born, but I used to go in there when it was still a deli. It even had the same sign, “Perly’s”. I used to get kosher hot dogs there for lunch when I was in high school. Years later, when I was working downtown, I used to moan how the “new” owners got rid of the things I liked.
    Looking forward to this menu and venue. I hope they use good, real kosher pastrami and tongue.

  10. This looks Awesome! I cant wait to get some latkes!

  11. Jeff Kelley on said:

    I don’t want to be negative, but this is hugely disappointing. It’s not Perly’s without the original menu, particularly the iconic sandwiches and meals that have been around for so long. Good luck to the ownership, and I’ll visit, but kind of a letdown.

  12. Paul Hammond on said:

    Wow! Bad revit was and nobody’s even been inside or tasted the food. They bought the restaurant lock, stock and name. They can serve what they want. They are doing something with unique. That takes matzo balls.

  13. Paul Hammond on said:


  14. Criso on said:

    Why did you censor my previous comment? The menu looks very unaccommodating for vegetarians and I asked to see the breakfast menu. I have seen pics on Facebook and the only breakfast options show that all brekkie meals come with meat or fish. No veg wants to pay for meat or fish when we want the simple eggs + toast.

  15. Sherri on said:

    mmmm… knish!

  16. Sid del Cardayre on said:

    How many Richmonders does it take to change a light-bulb?
    One to change the bulb, and four to stand around and reminisce about how great the old one was.

  17. even after almost a full year’s anticipation, i was extremely disappointed when so many delays kept Perly’s from opening on Wednesday as was verbally promised. . . i really do hope they will make a go of it. i will leave it to others to pass judgment on the food, since i haven’t tried it.

  18. The menu looks promising (yay for borscht and perogies!!!), but sadly I do not see any mention of biscuits. Perly’s made a fantastic biscuity-roll thing and I wish they were on the new menu. Any chance some one knows the recipe and is willing to share? I heard a rumor that they were made with beer…

  19. Jack on said:

    To those of you whining and so negative about a new restaurant that will bring positive activity to Grace Street — get a life! Your negativity is staggering. Wow.

  20. Jack on said:

    Go Perly’s!!!

  21. Karen on said:

    @ Jack – hear hear!!!!

  22. (ahem) attention foodies: I’m proud to announce that yours truly was the very first customer this morning at 7am at the newly reincarnated Perly’s. no, it’s not like it was. that’s the bad news. but the good news is the same, for the most part: it’s not like it was, it’s better in lots of ways. suggest you give these new owners a chance to prove themselves. they are going to try 3 meals a day, and a more NY deli type feel. the interior redecorating is awesome. if you want vegetarian, you can do it like I did, a la carte. sure, it will take some tweaking, but what doesn’t? that also includes, I would say, jumping to conclusions w/o a clue. I give it 2 thumbs up, my dining partner gave it 2 thumbs up, that’s a total of 4 thumbs up. try it and make up your own mind, if it’s open enough to give it a shot. then post YOUR review. I have pics but cannot get them off my camera, unfortunately. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, poople, er, people. ;-)

  23. 2nd try at posting a comment. I was the first one in the door this morning @ 7am. the short version is, I give the new reincarnation of Perly’s 2 thumbs up, so did my breakfast partner. try it & then if you don’t like it, post again. we were pleasantly surprised at the changes made so far.

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