Richmond Police to do a Fan walk through this afternoon

A chance for citizens to talk one on one with their local officers.

Chief Ray J. Tarasovicand the Department’s Command Staff will join Third Precinct Sector 313 Lt. Erlan Marshall (seen above) for a walk through the Fan neighborhood this afternoon.

If you’d like to participate meet at 2 p.m. today, Wednesday in the rear parking lot at Fifth Baptist Church at 1415 W. Cary Street. The walk will then spread out and head into various neighborhoods.

These walk throughs present a unique opportunity for citizens to talk directly with police officers that patrol our streets daily and those officers direct supervisors. The topics can range from crime prevention to what the officers are seeing as trends locally versus city wide. 

The most recent newsletter of Sector 313 covering this last “28 day period (January 7th – February 3rd), Sector 313 recorded an overall 36% increase in crime. Those numbers were driven by residential burglaries 16 as opposed to 7, a 129% increase, and theft from motor vehicles 16 as opposed to 11, a 45 % increase”.

Image: Richmond Police

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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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  1. Is this a once a year thing where they decide to come out and do their job?

  2. Thanks Ray on said:

    Tarasovic and Marshall are good people who work hard for their communities. Their last walkthrough was Manchester, and they do these periodically to proactively look for and hear about problems to prevent crimes, rather than just respond to them. But thanks for taking a dump on the city employees who actually care about what they do, Matt.

    Yeah, maybe they’re “only doing their job”, but it’s this kind of community engagement that keeps the crime rate low, and these guys go way out of their way to do it.

  3. The officers that work these beats should be walking the streets on a weekly basis, if not daily. Instead we have officer sitting in their cars playing angry birds or taking a nap instead of engaging with their community.

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