Kickers Prediction Game of Awesome Round 5 Open Cup

Prior to every home game a panel of so called experts will predict the outcome of the Richmond Kickers game. Each expert receives 1 point for each correct prediction. At the end of the season the winner gets a trophy and pack of gum.

Kickers play this Wednesday, May 14 at 7:00 PM at Sportsbackers Stadium. This is the Open Cup so records are somewhat irrelevant except to say that Kickers have had nearly two months of full training and games while RVA FC has had one friendly.

Match Previews are RVANews,  Soccer Junkies and US Open Cup. Richmond Kickers have done zero in way of advertising or calling their supporters to what could be an exciting local rivalry. However, River City Red Army the Kickers supporters are beating the drum and calling for supporters and will be gathering at Hardywood and then marching to the match at 6:15.

Our panel is unanimous in predicting a Kickers win but to varying degrees.

Prediction Reasoning Score

RVANews Soccer Guru

Richmond-Kickers-Logo I think the Kickers are underestimating their opponents and will have a tough time juggling who to play and who to keep on the bench. I would go with a tie but since it’s the Open Cup and two clubs enter one club leaves I’m going with the Kickers. 2

Red Army

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Always tough to predict a game between a team that hasn’t actually played together and a team where you don’t know if it will be the first team, the reserves, or a mix.  Regardless, the Kickers are professionals for a reason and have been playing real games for a couple months.  This should be a tense, but ultimately straightforward step on their quest to take another MLS scalp this year.  3-0 to Richmond’s professional team. 2

Richmond Kickers

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Let’s just say that as long as I don¹t get hit by a Flying Squirrel, then the Kickers should have no problem with this game. I mean, did you see what happened to those united cactuses Friday?! 2

Total Soccer Show

Richmond-Kickers-Logo Kickers win, but not by as many as you’d think. The young men of RVA FC will want to prove they can hang with the pros, and so they’ll do exactly that, but only for a while. The bravado of inexperience can only take you so far, and the Kickers will eventually capitalize on any undergraduate errors. Final score: 2-0, but everyone’s pride will be intact at the final whistle and the real winner will be Richmond soccer. 2

RVA News Soccer Guru (Richard Hayes): All of Richard’s soccer knowledge comes from playing FIFA on the original Playstation and standing in bars, drinking, and yelling at the television. He also helps run RVA DCU and American Outlaws Richmond Chapter, which mainly involves drinking and yelling at televisions.

Red Army (Matt Myers): Matt was sent off by Leigh Cowlishaw in a summer camp scrimmage as a pre-teen but has not held that against the team. He’s coming to grips with being a relatively old man now after seeing the youngsters in the Red Army and on the Kickers roster. He’s also attended way more matches than he should admit to, especially for having lived in Richmond a total of one out of the last 13 years.

Richmond Kickers (Kickeroo): The Kicker from down under. He doesn’t really like anyone who isn’t a fan of the Kickers. A daredevil who will pretty much try anything and everything but would rather not talk (on the advice from lawyers) about the incident with the scooter and the Flaming Hoop of Death. He’s also sensitive marsupial who enjoys long walks on a dew covered soccer field and watching the sun set behind the goal post. He also shares something with the new Kickers beer, Kick it Hunny: Hops.

Total Soccer Show (Daryl Grove): Daryl is English so every thing he says about footsoccerball naturally carries more weight because he says it a British accent. He is also part of the excellent local radio show and podcast Total Soccer Show that keeps track of all soccer related things in an intelligent and fun way. If you’re not listening to the Total Soccer Show you need to change that post haste.

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Richard Hayes

When Richard isn’t rounding up neighborhood news, he’s likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest craft beer.

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  1. Charles Williams on said:

    The Kickers have to win or the 13 year old running Richmond FC’s Facebook page will never shut up.

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