2008 Oscar Pick ’em winners


Here are the results from this year’s Oscar Pick’em. The RVANews groupthink picks actually out performed or tied every single entrant. KingBling tied JeremyLRoss but won with the tie breaker. Ten of you beat the pants off of Justin and Susan while I only beat four people. Thirty people submited picks.

Anyway, KingBling, email me from the address you used in the survey with your mailing address and I’ll send you those movie passes. Congrats!

    RVANews KingBling Susan Justin Val Ross
Picture No Country for Old Men X X   X X X
Actor Daniel Day-Lewis — There Will Be Blood X X X X X X
Actress Marion Cotillard — La Vie en Rose     X      
Director Joel & Ethan Coen — No Country for Old Men X X   X X  
Adapted Screenplay No Country for Old Men X X   X    
Animated Feature Ratatouille X X X X    
Foreign Language The Counterfeiters X X ?     X
Original Screenplay Juno X X X X X X
Supporting Actor Javier Bardem — No Country for Old Men X X X X X  
Supporting Actress Tilda Swinton — Michael Clayton            
Cinematography There Will Be Blood X X ? X    
Documentary Feature Taxi to the Dark Side            
Editing The Bourne Ultimatum   X        
Score Atonement X X X X X  
Song “Falling Slowly” — Once X X        
Visual FX The Golden Compass     ?      
Art Direction Sweeny Todd X     X X  
Costumes Elizabeth: The Golden Age X   X      
Makeup La Vie en Rose   X X      
Sound Editing The Bourne Ultimatum X X ?      
Sound Mixing The Bourne Ultimatum     ?      
Animated Short Peter and the Wolf     ? X    
Documentary Short Freeheld   X ?      
Live Short The Mozart of Pickpockets X   ?     X
Total: 56 56 37 40 32 24
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  1. A note on all the question marks, so Ross will stop yelling at me via IM about tabulations or something: I neglected to pick clear winners for some categories for a couple of reasons. 1. My article was getting too long and 2. Who cares. (And 3. I honestly had no idea about some of the films, and some categories I wasn’t sure who would win because I felt they had an equal chance.)

    Ahh the end of Oscar season! What a relief!

  2. Peter and the wolf, bitches.

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