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Chris OBrion

Chris OBrion is an artist, designer, and cartoonist. He has been a staff artist at daily newspapers in three different states and currently works out of Richmond, his hometown. You can check out more of his work at chrisobrion.com.

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  1. BOPST on said:

    Um. I wonder where that money is coming from?

  2. Scott Burger on said:

    It is great that the League is hosting this political/civic exercise and I urge citizens to give it their attention and respect.

    Unfortunately, the government is now owned by the corporations. One of the clearest examples of this is in Cantor’s seat. I hope this debate encourages more citizens to vote against Cantor.

  3. Steve on said:

    Yet Cantor had no difficulties flying to New York to promote his book on the Daily Show (where he made a sufficient fool of himself).

  4. Joe Cacciotti on said:

    Cantor is even worse in not supporting our troops.

    To All who are in Congressman’s Eric Cantor’s Virginia’s 7th Congressional District and are in the Armed Forces or are Veterans.We have a problem.

    Congress Member Eric Cantor does not support one of our own serving or Country.

    Ask Eric Cantor why he did not support the 3 Navy Seals being court martial over “allegations surrounding their capture of terrorist mastermind Ahmed Hashim Abed, the man believed to be responsible for the infamous mutilations of four American contractors in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004” after Congressmen Dan Burton sent a letter to Maj. Gen. Cleveland?

    Here is the link to the letter that Eric Cantor refused to sign!



    Vote for Floyd Bayne, a true Conservative Independent, who really supports our Armed Forces.

    Here is Floyd Bayne’s web site.


    Support and vote for Floyd Bayne. And let’s get rid of Eric Cantor so we can have true representation and support of our Armed Forces personnel.

  5. Joe Cacciotti on said:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Except the People will never hear any words from Eric Cantor.

    Your vote for Floyd Bayne is worth your Freedom of Liberties, protection of our Constitution, and limited Government.

    Support and Vote for Floyd Bayne this November 2nd.


  6. Justin Smith on said:

    There is a sneaky reason Cantor and his buddies wrote and released this book at campaign time. The laws says that news outlets have to give equal time to all candidates running for the same office. If instead of giving time to Cantor talking about the election, they talk about Cantor writing a book, they don’t have to give equal time to the others running against him. Ah, sneaky politics at its finest.

    Eric Cantor is one of those politicians in Washington who doesn’t get it. Look at his voting record. He voted for No Child Left Behind. He voted for Real ID. He voted for the Medicare Bill that was $1,000,000,000,000.00 unfunded. He voted for the Patriot Act. How can he call himself a limited government conservative? He voted for all but 7 spending bills his first 6 years in office and then only because those 7 bills were all brought by Democrats. Vote for Floyd Bayne – the ONLY real conservative running for office in VAs 7th district.

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