It’s iPhone day!

Ladies and gentleman, today marks the release of iPhone 3G S, and people are just plain losing their MINDS over it. And we are more than happy to document it for your enjoyment.

Two years ago I wasn’t queuing up for the original iPhone. I’d convinced myself, despite my love for all things Apple, that I didn’t need a phone that did all that. This understanding lasted throughout the weekend and then that Monday I went out to Short Pump and bought one anyway. My wife laughed at me… and then she was the one in line for the next release.

In the meantime I’ve become absolutely hooked on the access, and Twitter, and just not ever being lost no matter what. Today I’m heading out to Short Pump again, this time bright and early, completely in the thrall of my phone. I’ll be saying goodbye to my little silver buddy, hopefully without having to wait in line too long.

Anybody else going to be out there? Tell us about your experience in the comments (waiting in line, what’s going in the stores, what you actually think of the beautiful little thing, etc.) and stay tuned for updates, including pictures and the like.

Update, pictures from the line





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  1. john m on said:
  2. john m on said:

    They’ve got 2 lines set up, 1 for walkup, 1 for pre-order. Walkup is maybe 2x longer than pre-order. With an hour until the doors, there are maybe 70 people here.

    Driving through empty at 6:45, Short Pump wasn’t too bad.

  3. I’ll be so jealous of your compass.

  4. Eric on said:

    So when I upgrade my iphone. Does the old iphone become an itouch? Will I still be able to access wifi and d/l apps and stuff??

  5. Eric, yah, its basically an iPod touch with a camera.

  6. Whoa I had never thought about that before. I guess it is still a rather useful device. I think I’d keep mine in the bathroom for reading material while crapping.

  7. Lesley on said:

    Had thought about eating breakfast, but now all I can think about is Ross in the bathroom. Crapping with his iPhone.

  8. john m on said:

    Here is my first whack at the new video skills –

  9. Tommy Beekman on said:

    All of those people are playing on their iphones, waiting in line to get an iphone. Shouldn’t that cause some sort of time-suck or alternate reality?

  10. That black strap in the first picture makes it
    look like everyone is wearing a fanny pack.

  11. Jorge on said:

    ohhhhh…. I dont want to hear it.

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