Women ETC brings national speakers and mixed feelings to Richmond

Women ETC is RVA’s very own women in tech conference and, yes, I’ll be there, mixed feelings and all.

Vote for RVA’s most promising start-up

Next month, the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s i.e. initiative will award $10,000 plus office space, mentoring, and other goodies to one lucky Richmond start-up. To help narrow the field of entries, you can now vote for your favorite start-up ideas. Here’s some of our favorites.

Good things come from knowing what you’re worth

I didn’t realize it, but my inability to negotiate my first salary would hurt my earning potential for years to come. Like many young women fresh out of college, when the person on the phone offered me an amount I accepted it without hesitation. If I could travel back in time, I’d give my 16 year old self the most important piece of career advice anyone ever gave me: make them pay you what you’re worth.

Richmond Holiday Traditions: A Must-See, Don’t-Miss Guide

As you can see, there’s a ton to do in Richmond during the holidays. So much, in fact, it can be quite overwhelming. For those of you unsure of where to start, here’s a little sampler of events that are sure to give you an authentic look at our town’s diverse holiday happenings.

Richmond Zombie Walk 2009: Dead on Arrival (and going strong!)

Head’s up, RVA: on October 24th, a hoard of groaning, shuffling undead will converge on Carytown in search of tasty brains and mayhem. Uhhnnnnnn, gurgle, gurgle, glurrrrrg…

Opening the box on Pandora (now with video!)

Last night at VCU’s Grace Street Theater, Pandora founder Tim Westergren hosted a Listener Meetup for Richmond’s Pandora users, cheerfully explaining the company’s history, vision, and taking questions from the audience of about 100 local fans…