Off the Clock: What happens in Vegas

You know that saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, that’s wrong. Sometimes, you drag what happens in Vegas home and try to live with it, even though you and what happened are almost complete strangers.

On the Run: I did it!

So how was the marathon? It’s a question I’ve heard at least a hundred times since Saturday, but one I’ve rarely answered the same way twice.

Off the Clock: Public enemies

When it comes to doing stupid things in front of an audience, I’ve had some practice.

On the Run: Week 12

What do you do when a celebrity crush gives you sage advice mere days before you undertake your first ever marathon? You listen, that’s what.

On the Run: Week 11

I expected to talk about reducing my mileage and increasing my carb intake in preparation for the Richmond Marathon. Unfortunately I’ve got some bad news.

Poor, poor, (unpitiful) me

There’s a hurricane a’comin’ and people are in a tizzy. Here’s why I can’t afford to worry and why being poor makes life beautifully simple.

On the Run: Week 10

You know how in movies and on television they show life-altering accidents in slow motion, and you, as the audience, are caught in this drawn out moment of OH MY GOSH THIS IS HAPPENING?

On the Run: Week 9

In the beginning, my biggest struggle with running was the time I spent doing it.

Off the Clock: Kicking the bucket list

Even those of us who live fully have things that we really want to do before we die. Today, I reveal my list and confess to the things that will never, ever, make it on there.

On the Run: Week 8

I’ve always been the kind of person whose body and emotions are closely connected. So, it should come as no surprise that my shin splints have me under a little black rain cloud, Eeyore-style.