The Local Vs. Corporate Dilemma In Short Pump

The state of the economy has hit Richmond in several ways. Not only have many lost their jobs but so many small businesses have gone out of business. I have personally been on a mission to try to give my business to small businesses verses corporate ones in Short Pump.
With most corporate businesses, we […]

Short Pump: Keeping It Local

Kari Peiffer wrote this really interesting article that starts off with “I have a confession to make. I hate Short Pump.”  Being a Short Pump resident and a person who really enjoys the area, when I first started reading her article, I was a little offended and thought that her commentary went a little too […]

Henrico Parents Voice Their Redistricting Concerns Online

I heard an interesting story over the weekend that I wanted to pass on to show how powerful the Internet is becoming as a community tool. We all know about the massive success of Facebook and other sites, but the same social media and community technology also made a difference to a Short Pump neighborhood. […]

Boychik’s Deli Offers A Great Diner-Style Breakfast

Boychik’s really has a great breakfast menu and given my inability to find a diner style breakfast joint directly in Short Pump thus far, I had to give this place a thumbs up. If you want something closer to homemade and less processed than the franchise places like IHOP, Silver Diner and Cracker Barrel, you […]

How Much Open Space Will West Broad Village Really Have?

I recently read an article about West Broad Village which states that it will have “wetlands, forested areas and numerous parks.”  Notice these words are plural. I know that the development, relatively speaking, is on a large tract of land, but I am having trouble envisioning enough space for wetlands, forests and parks, at least […]

Los Primos – A Quaint Mexican Hole-In-The-Wall

My husband is an avid Mexican food fan, and ever since we moved to Richmond, we have struggled to find authentic Mexican food in or near the Short Pump area. Well, a few months ago, he finally found a small restaurant with some really good, authentic Mexican food- Los Primos Mexican Restaurant. Now, it is […]