Violent purse snatching at River Loft Apartments parking deck – Richmond, VA News

7th and Main Closed due to ice

Café Le Ville open at 9 N. 4th St clued us into the opening of new restaurant in the site that will always be the 4th Street Diner in our eyes. Although in the description below mentions wine and beer the article says that the adult beverages aren’t happening yet. The menu (seen here) is an interesting mix of items, some French […]

Amphitheater vote delayed

From RTD The Richmond Planning Commission voted Tuesday to postpone a vote on Venture Richmond’s amphitheater proposal for Tredegar Green after hearing concerns about the possible impact on future plans to re-water the James River and Kanawha Canal. Leaders of the nonprofit civic organization were seeking a swift approval in order to have the amphitheater […]

History of the canal and amphitheater alternatives

Oregon Hill has posted links that show an intensive history of the canal that could be damaged and at the end of the report some alternatives. Remember the 60 page report? Well now Charles Pool has expanded it to 106 pages. We can only hope intellectual honesty and historic fact will matter as the City […]

Littering Shockoe

From Twitter user Kara @cookeatread: @BWWings really doesn’t care about its patrons trashing the neighborhood. As urban dwellers we all expect some amount of litter in our life but the example above is a bit extreme. Ultimately it is the customers that threw the trash to the ground that are to blame but what can or should we […]

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 205th

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. — Edgar Allan Poe Full details on the celebration at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum are below. Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 205th birthday with twelve hours of performances, music, dance, tours, and birthday cake. Every year Poe’s birthday party gets bigger and better, and […]

Rent your own Kingdom

Literally. You can rent Kingdom which closed last week. Price Negotiable – 9,327 SF in a three story building, built 1910.

RTD dines at Southern Railway Taphouse

I’ve only been to Southern Railway Taphouse once for happy hour and sat at the bar. The bartenders knew their beers inside and out and were attentive. Dana Craig restaurant reviewer for RTD has been and has had a less positive experience. Moral of the story always sit at the bar. After a couple of […]

RPD arrest suspect in MCV campus car thefts

From RPD Press Release RICHMOND, Va. (Jan. 15, 2014) – An arrest has been made in a series of car thefts on the MCV campus and in surrounding localities. Working with VCU Police investigators, Henrico Police on Friday, Jan. 10, arrested William Eric Chambers, 38, of Richmond. Chambers is currently in Henrico County jail awaiting […]

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